ATLAS Modular Shelters – Offices

EUROtrade S.A. Atlas multi storey office buildings

Up to 3 Storeys – Heavy duty constructions.

ATLAS Modular Shelters series is a very strong structure.  We designed it to meet immediate, urgent housing needs.   Atlas modules can serve both, temporary and permanent use.  ATLAS Modular Shelters series, are made with excellent functional as much as aesthetical perfection.  Atlas modules can be expanded both in width and height.   Their flexibility covers any future need that may occur. They may consist of one or more prefabricated units.

ATLAS Modular Shelters use:

Our prefabricated units are made made with outstanding quality.  They are suitable for office buildings, site facilities, homes, warehouses, sanitary facilities, army facilities, sports facilities, medical units, school buildings.

Advantages of ATLAS Modular Shelters:

  • From 5 to hundreds m2
  • Extension to any dimension (widht leghts and height)
  • Fast assembly of large buildings
  • Robust, perfectly reliable structure
  • Highly demanding industrial spaces
  • Design tailored to the needs
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy relocation


ATLAS Modular Shelters are mosto of all extensible in lenght  width and height.  They can easily hold up to 3 storeys.

Loading and Unloading the modules:

All  modules can be lifted by crane from the top.  Depending on customer needs we can also deliver our modules with any ISO container lifting points.


No need of concrete base for permanent istallation.  Therefore the use of adjastable legs or precast  concrete slabs in order to install the module is also possible.  In addition, we can offer onsite installation services, by sending our installation team at your premises.

Training programme:

Our training  programme is the best and most cost effective  solution for remote (abroad) installation needs.  One of our experts visits your premises or worksite.  In a few days, he trains your staff  in the proper and  the quickest way to mount our modules.

Flat Pack Packaging-Transportation:

As a result, these modules can also travel fast and easy at the lowest cost as flat pack. They are very easy to mount.  Very easy to  unmount and relocate by non skilled workers.  Also, a detailed manual with pictures is included in the package. All you need is your power tools.