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Moblie & Expandable structures!

EUROtrade S.A. Hangar steel buildings come in kit form travel all around the world. Their frame, made of joint semi-circular tubes or pillars offers a vast selection of 64 different models.

Their aerodynamic design with curved surfaces, reduces to the minimum the exercised pressures, and thus allows mounting on a concrete floor with raw bolts which minimizes dramatically the cost of building works. This way, the overall budget of your investment shapes at an incredibly low level, and in combination to the very short erection time makes ROMNEY-Hangar buildings economical and attractive.

EUROtrade S.A. Romney-Hangar Advantages

  • Over 60 types of buildings
  • Short delivery time
  • Attractive prices
  • Wide colour range
  • Fast assembly from non-specialized team
  • Immediate amortisation of the investment

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